WESE Core Banking System


WESE Core Banking System

We also provide our enterprise banking solution WESE core banking systems through: Gap analysis, implementation, customization and parameterization, user training, testing and debugging.
WESE is a Shona word for EVERYONE. Our vision is that every institution should take advantage of Technology to ensure EVERYONE in today’s society has access to banking services. Costs of traditional Core banking systems can be prohibitive for the others but we are here with a solution for you.
WESE a Low cost core banking system supporting financial inclusion with a focus on micro finance institutions.


WESE Benefits

  • Your organisation being a player in the financial services sector will benefit from having a robust banking System. TAAT consulting offers and customizes solutions that can improve the all round performance of any financial institution.
  • Limited Professional Manpower to be utilized more effectively
  • Customers can have a convenient and easier banking experience
  • Future ready Potential to integrate with 3rd party systems i.e. ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Payment Gateways, Referral Business
  • More Strong and economical way for MIS
  • Additional Manpower available for Marketing, Recovery and Personalized banking
  • Instant Information availability for decision support
  • Quick and Accurate Implementation of Policies
  • Improved Recovery Process causing reduction on recovery costs, NPA Provisions
  • Innovative, redefined or improved processes
  • Open to have Electronic Transactions with Other Institutions
  • Increased Speed in working resulting in more business opportunities

Wese in A Nut Shell…

ØClient On-boarding and management

ØLoans And Savings

ØWese supports multi channel integration  – Restful web services

ØAffordable and flexible pricing.

ØCloud or Local hosting supported – Choice to the clients.

ØAccounting module embedded – Fully customisable chart of accounts.

ØInformative and useful reports Embedded

Ø Field operations supported via an Android Mobile app integration.

ØFully customisable

ØClient SMS notification supported